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Unleash the Power – with the new Workletics models with PWR Beads Technology from Albatros

Sporty safety trainers redefined: The new “Workletics” range of safety shoes from Albatros, featuring a Hightech midsole using PWR Beads® Technology, combines athletic design with features for performance - as the name implies, the perfect combination of safety shoe and trainer!

The Albatros brand of family-run company ISM has made its name as a manufacturer of safety shoes that don’t look like work shoes. Products in the new “Workletics” range of safety shoes feature a sporty look with outstanding cushioning and up to 58% energy return as well as lightweight materials and maximum breathability.

The three-layer cushioning system used in the Workletics 3D sole is has a mid-layer made of PWR Beads® that stretches to far under the mid-foot. Individual PWR Beads® are already highly effective at absorbing impact. During the production process they are “baked together” to form a single element. This composite material can then achieve an incredible energy return of 58%. This has only been possible thanks to ISM being the first to release this material to market without needing to use a stabilizing frame structure, allowing the outstanding cushioning properties to be best exploited. The second upper layer is made of a very lightweight EVA material to provide both dynamic cushioning and stabilization. Just the right amount of grip is ensured by the two-tone, non-slip and abrasion resistant rubber outsole with wide flex grooves for optimal flexibility. The well thought-out cushioning concept further guarantees exceptionally dynamic energy absorption. The effects of impacts on bones and joints are reduced by 42%, providing a particularly high level of comfort and fatigue-free working, especially for those who cover many kilometers each day.

The specially developed next-generation FAP® LITE protection against perforation made of non-metallic, extremely tear-resistant textile fibres delivers a particular boost when it comes to comfort and safety. A 50% lighter weight and a particularly high degree of flexibility ensure that the protection against perforation offers the wearer unlimited protection, while not being noticeable to the eye. Increased shock absorption and pressure elasticity also increase the wearing comfort. Enhanced breathability and sweat absorption create a cooling effect and improve the transport of moisture in the shoe.

The safety shoes in the Workletics line feature an anatomically shaped inner sole developed by orthopaedic shoemakers that can be individually adapted to the wearer's foot, allowing replacement without any loss of safety features. The Evercushion® Custom Fit inner sole, which is available in three different versions, is designed for the narrow, normal or wide foot. An arch support that is adapted to the shape of the foot allows the foot to be positioned naturally in the shoe and stimulates the muscles when walking. The Evercushion® Custom Fit Mid for the normal foot is included in the safety shoes as standard.

All six models in the Workletics lines feature a sporty and tough toe cap made from fibreglass-reinforced plastic for an athletic look that are metal free and fulfil ESD requirements.
Along with two models with an S1P safety rating made of breathable fabric with microfibre and TPU reinforcement, the line also features three further S1P models made of suede with abrasion-resistant mesh inserts as well as an S3 model made of hydrophobic suede with abrasion-resistant textile inserts.

One model, the AER58 GREEN LOW, has received the German Design Award 2022.

The new Albatros Workletics models will be available in specialist shops and selected online retailers from the end of March.