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PUMA® Safety presents a limited special edition for their 20th anniversary – the Kickflip, a perfect combination of style and safety

PUMA® Safety, one of the leading safety shoe brands made by manufacturer ISM, is celebrating its 20th anniversary by proudly presenting the Kickflip – the newest member and strictly limited anniversary edition of the popular Urban Protect line. The innovative safety shoe combines classic PUMA® style with highly functional safety and builds on the success of the retro-inspired Urban Protect line.


PUMA® is known for its long and successful history in the sports shoe sector, in particular due to the legendary PUMA® King model, which was developed in the 1960s and achieved great fame through football world championships. The timeless design of the PUMA® King is still cool today. PUMA® Safety created the Urban Protect line, a safety shoe collection based on this success story. Classic design elements combine with modern contours to create a unique aesthetic.


To celebrate its 20th anniversary, PUMA® Safety is adding another model to the popular Urban Protect line – the limited edition Kickflip, which is sure to make the hearts of all PUMA® fans skip a beat. This shoe is a true masterpiece combining the unmistakable PUMA® Street style with the high standards of modern safety shoes.


The Kickflip has an HRO rubber sole that is heat-resistant up to 300°C. It has tread elements of various shapes that ensure optimum mobility and firm contact with the ground. The reinforced pivot point reduces friction to effectively prevent fatigue. The ldCell element in the heel area is made of lightweight EVA foam that absorbs shocks and impacts when the heel touches down.


The anatomically shaped evercushion® CUSTOM FIT MID insole provides optimal cushioning with every step. It has a specially adapted arch support that keeps the foot in a natural position inside the shoe and stimulates the muscles while walking.


The Kickflip also features flexible FAP® anti-perforation protection made of ceramic-coated fibres that fully protects the foot from penetration by sharp objects. This shoe equips wearers to withstand the demands of tough work environments without compromising on comfort and style.


"We are proud to present the Kickflip special edition to celebrate PUMA Safety's 20th anniversary”, says Christian Güse, Head of Marketing at ISM. "The Kickflip is the result of intensive research and development. The outcome is the perfect combination of our safety footwear’s proven quality and performance with the distinctive PUMA® style. This shoe is only available as a strictly limited edition during our anniversary year. We are sure it will inspire our customers and true PUMA® fans alike."


The Kickflip is not just a high-performance safety shoe, it is also a fashion statement. The fresh design and successful combination of classic elements and modern details not only appeals to trade and industry professionals, but also to fashion-conscious wearers who value high-quality and stylish safety shoes.


The Kickflip is part of the Urban Protect line. It celebrates the spirit of past PUMA® successes while adding innovative new features to meet the demands of today's working world”, adds Christian Güse. "We have put great emphasis on comfort, safety and durability without compromising on aesthetics. Our customers will not only feel safe but also look great wearing the Kickflip."


The Kickflip will be available in limited quantities from retail shops and selected online shops from the summer. Visit the official PUMA® Safety website for more information on the specific features of the Kickflip.