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ALBATROS® presents the new Flexlite safety shoe line – Lightness and protection in perfection

ALBATROS®, one of ISM's leading safety footwear brands, has unveiled their latest innovation: the Flexlite line of safety footwear. The new series comprises six different models that have been specially developed for workers in assembly halls and on industrial floors. They combine maximum comfort with outstanding safety. 


The new ALBATROS® Flexlite models give wearers first-class protection. Each model has a fibreglass toecap and flexible FAP® anti-perforation protection to prevent injuries caused by falling objects or sharp objects. Depending on the model, the uppers are either made of hard-wearing microfibre or high-quality nubuck leather, which is both robust and looks great.

For hot outdoor environments, the Flexlite line includes an S1 sandal with Velcro straps and an S1 P model with beautifully breathable sandwich mesh uppers.


The heart of Flexlite safety shoes is the sole. The non-slip DUO PU/TPU outsole provides a solid grip and good stability on a range of surfaces. The midsole is made of durable, high-performance EFFECT.FOAM®. This delivers excellent cushioning and an energy return of up to 60% while reducing impact on bones and joints by 47%. The ergonomic sole architecture with studs of different sizes and curved grooves displaces liquids optimally and supports the natural rolling movement of the foot. The non-slip DUO PU/TPU outsole gives excellent traction on industrial floors while abrasion-resistant TPU inserts in high-wear areas offer additional protection. The distinctive heel also provides a firm grip on ladders (Ladder Grip).


The ALBATROS Flexlite models come with additional features that further improve comfort for the wearer. They feature Heel & Arch Support, which give the foot optimal stability and support. Despite their robust properties, the shoes are particularly light making them even more comfortable.


The breathable BreathActive functional lining creates a pleasant foot climate, effectively wicking away moisture and reducing unpleasant odours. The evercushion® RELIEF high-performance footbed provides optimal cushioning and support for the foot to prevent fatigue and help the wearer remain productive for long periods.


"The Flexlite safety shoe line was developed to meet high demands in assembly halls and on industrial floors", says Ralf Franzisky, shoe technician at ISM. "With their combination of protection, comfort and lightness, these shoes offer wearers maximum safety and well-being. We are proud to provide our customers with solutions that perfectly support them in their work. Products in the Flexlite line are the perfect symbiosis of comfort and safety with a multitude of additional features. They proactively contribute to promoting the health and safety of wearers in occupational environments and effectively help to minimise potential accident and injury risks."


Starting in the summer, the ALBATROS® Flexlite safety shoe line will be available in men's and women's sizes from specialist retailers and selected online shops and is also expected to be available in two different widths by the end of the year. Further information on the models can be found on the official ALBATROS® website.