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Training at ISM

On 1 August 2018, our wait was finally over… We were about to start our apprenticeship. As we’d already got to know our new colleagues during an induction day, we were happy to see some familiar faces and excited to find out what the apprentices and instructors had planned for our first week.

A folder had already been placed on our seats, containing the schedule for the coming days and lots more useful information about the start of our apprenticeship.

After taking an extensive tour of the company, we were given a safety briefing and the various departments introduced themselves throughout the rest of the day.

Thursday was all about training, as we learned about the company’s IT system, products and telephones. We also started our first assignment in the departments.

We started the following day in the departments again before doing some team building exercises at the local rock climbing centre. After being given another briefing, we familiarised ourselves with the climbing facilities before showing our team spirit to complete various tasks.

After a final round of feedback, we enjoyed a barbecue together and talked about our first days at the company.

We’d like to thank everyone who welcomed us – we look forward to working with you!

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