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“Sustainable development
matters to us more
than short-term profit”

Sustainable development for the benefit of people and the environment is more than a mission, it is a matter of the heart. That is why we have firmly embedded responsibility for people and nature into our DNA and put it into practice in every aspect of our business. Find out more about our strategy to preserve our blue planet and our collective future.

Our Strategy

Sustainability is not a trend,
but a process

As an owner-managed family company with global economic relations, we are committed to compliance with applicable laws, social and ecological standards, and sustainable practices along our global value chain. Responsibility for people and the environment is consistently implemented throughout our company, continuously improved, and deeply anchored in our core processes and products.

Our licensing partner PUMA maintains very high standards of social and environmental sustainability, and requires that these high standards are consistently met and implemented by its partners.


Our Motivation

With success comes responsibility

We do our part to enforce global human rights and applicable labour, social and environmental standards and drive sustainable positive changes wherever we operate. For people and the environment.

EcoVadis sustainability assessment

ISM awarded the Silver Medal in the CSR Rating

ISM has been awarded the EcoVadis Silver Medal for its extensive efforts towards sustainability in the fields of environment, labor and human rights, ethics and sustainable procurement, ranking among the top 25 percent of performers assessed by EcoVadis.

We are delighted to receive this award, which only serves to confirm our many years of sustainability efforts and our strategy for preserving and protecting resources and livelihoods for future generations. As a family-managed business, sustainable development for the good of humanity and the environment is something which lies close to our hearts – for a ‘better world’


More information in the press release and on the EcoVadis homepage.

ISM is among the TOP 25% of top performers assessed by EcoVadis.

Overall, ISM is in the top 5% of EcoVadis-rated companies in the industry.

Sustainability goals

Enabling decent life
Preserving natural resources






Health and


High quality






Affordable and
clean energy

Your opinion is needed

We want to continuously improve

Help us to make the world of work even safer and more sustainable. Share your opinions, thoughts, experiences and ideas with us. Of course, your data will not be published.

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Sustainability goals by 2025

Roadmap to sustainability

Our goals cover a wide range of subjects in the area of sustainability, such as human rights, occupational health, sustainable materials, climate change and the fight against corruption. Based on the UN Sustainable Development Goals and PUMA’s 10for25, we want to achieve the following sustainability goals by 2025:

Stakeholder engagement

Strengthening our dialogue with stakeholders and improving our communication to consumers, with a focus on reporting and consumer information.

Status: on track

More sustainable materials and products

Use of more sustainable alternatives to our components and principle materials.

Status: on track

Climate protection measures

Projects with energy saving and CO2 emission reduction goals.

Status: on track

Chemical management

Elimination of hazardous chemicals from our supply chain.

Status: on track

Social compliance

Compliance with industry standards and ILO core labour standards by all core suppliers, regular audits of core suppliers, no open zero tolerance issues.

Status: on track

Human rights

Enshrinement of human rights at our sites and with suppliers, exerting a positive influence in the communities in which ISM is present.

Status: on track

Occupational health and safety

Safe working conditions for our own employees and indirect employees at our manufacturing partners through auditing of occupational health and safety; no fatal accidents, systematic reduction of accident rates.

Status: on track

Sustainable growth and employment

Achieve and maintain sustainable economic growth, maintain and expand employment opportunities.

Status: on track

Partnerships for achieving the goals

Overcome fundamental challenges through cross-sector cooperation and collaboration.

Status: on track

Questions & Answers

Sustainability subjects such as environmental protection and human rights are incredibly extensive, multi-faceted and very complex. Therefore, we have answered questions that we are frequently asked as compactly as possible.

Where and under what working conditions are the safety shoes produced?

We manufacture our products in partner factories in Asia and Europe. In this way, we provide long-term employment for several thousand people. We often have a long-standing and trusting relationship with our production sites. We select them carefully from the outset and set high expectations in terms of social and environmental standards. In order to enforce our standards, we incorporate them into our production contracts from the outset. Our Code of Conduct obliges all suppliers to comply with social and ecological standards which are based on internationally recognised industry standards and the ILO core labour standards. Compliance with the standards is permanently checked by our own employees on site, by members of our sustainability team, by the management and by independent auditors. Ninety-nine per cent of our order volumes are currently produced in factories that undergo regular BSCI, SMETA, SA8000 or PUMA SAFE audits. This way, we can ensure that our products are manufactured under safe and fair working conditions.

How does ISM ensure that production sites comply with the rules?

We know our production sites, we have a long-standing cooperation. Our
inspectors and employees are regularly on site. We attach a great deal of importance to the fact that
production takes place according to our quality standards and our high social and environmental standards.
Our Code of Conduct obliges all suppliers to comply with social and
ecological standards which are based on internationally recognised industry standards and ILO
core labour standards. Environmental protection is also regulated therein. We control these
regularly through our own employees, who are permanently on site, and independent organisations,
who audit the production sites. In addition, there are regular training sessions and round table
meetings to keep partners up to date.

Do you still have questions or are some topics still unclear? Our Sustainability Team looks forward to hearing from you.